Australia’s first choice.

Laserlite 2000 is the most popular polycarbonate roofing in the country.

It’s Australia’s first choice.

Laserlite® 2000 is light weight, durable, 99.9% UV protected and has high impact resistance. Offering the most extensive range of transparent and translucent colours, three profiles and backed by a lifetime warranty.

Whether it’s for a pergola, carport, verandah or gazebo, greenhouse or conservatory, Laserlite® 2000 is suitable for even the most discerning home owner.
No wonder its Australia’s first choice.

Kg per Lineal Metre
Roma 0.92
Greca 0.93
Trimdek 0.92


Available Sizes

Standard lengths in metres:

  • 1.8,
  • 2.4,
  • 3.0,
  • 3.6,
  • 4.2,
  • 4.8,
  • 5.4,
  • 6.0,
  • 7.2

Lengths up to 10 metres can be ordered (conditions apply)

Product Performance

Shading Co-efficient Ratio(SCR) Light Transmission(LT)

Warmest          Coolest

More Light          Less light

Shading Co-efficient (SC): A ratio of the warming effect of the sun’s rays through a sheet divided by the sun’s warming effect through 3mm float glass (300-2500nm). The lower the figure the cooler it is under the sheet.
Light Transmission (LT): % of visible light transmission (400 - 700nm) that passes through the sheet. The lower the figure the less light passes through the sheet.

Performance Warranty

Laserlite® 2000 is backed by a lifetime warranty against loss of light transmission for domestic applications and a 10-year warranty against breakage caused by hailstones up to 25mm in diameter.

Features & Benefits


lifetime warranty Backed by a lifetime warranty.
australian standard The only polycarbonate roofing product certified under the stringent Australian Standard Guidelines, earning it the coveted Australian Standards Mark emblem.
made in australia The only polycarbonate roofing product made right here in Australia for our unique Australian conditions.
99.9% UV protection A co-extruded UV barrier protects you from harmful UV radiation and the product from UV degradation and yellowing.
bayer makrolon resin Made from high quality Bayer Makrolon polycarbonate resin designed for high impact resistance and excellent transparency.
fire performance Suitable for use in bushfire prone areas, backed by CSIRO appraisal. Also designed for fire resistance and to self extinguish.
boundry conditions Suitable for use when boundary conditions apply, backed by CSIRO appraisal.
wind load Suitable for use in high wind areas.
impact resistance Impact strength 250 times higher than glass.

Summary of Test Compliances

Fire Performance

Laserlite® Polycarbonate roofing is suitable for use in bush fire prone areas, backed by CSIRO appraisal. Laserlite® Polycarbonate Roofing is self extinguishing, stops the spread of flame and also has excellent fire resistant properties. Therefore, this product complies with many fire related tests (refer test compliances table for a complete list of fire related test compliances).

Wind Load

Laserlite® Polycarbonate Roofing is suitable for use in high wind load areas. Roma, Greca and Trimdek profiles meet the requirements of AS 1170.2.2002 SAA Loading code Part 2 – Wind Loads.

The tests have been conducted according to AS4040.2 -1992 conditions (methods of testing sheet roof and wall cladding, method 2: resistance to wind pressures for non-cyclone regions, which references AS1562.1-1992). The table below summarises the test results obtained. The estimates of ultimate loads, which are based on the assumption that ultimate loads are reached when the maximum principal stress reach the ultimate stress of the polycarbonate sheet (60 Mpa), are included in the table. Plots of the maximum principal stress v’s load for each of the profiles tested follow the table.

  End span (mm) Internal span (mm) Factored Ultimate Load (kPa)
From Testing
Failure Load (kPa)
From Testing
Failure Load (kPa)
From Analysis
Roma 0.8mm 800 1000 1.00 1.50;1.39 1.31
Roma 0.8mm Pressure 800 1000   1.59+ 1.20
Greca 0.8mm 900 1200 0.85 1.48;1.18;1.18 1.18
Trimdek 0.8mm 900 1200 0.82 1.10; 1.08; 1.06 1.01

These results have been achieved using the standard Laserlite® installation instructions.
Roma and Greca profiles also meet the requirements of TR440, Deemed to Comply for the Darwin Cyclone Area.

Boundary Conditions

Laserlite® Polycarbonate roofing is suitable for use where boundary conditions apply, backed by CSIRO appraisal.