Makrolon Multiwall

Makrolon® Multiwall polycarbonate glazing system provides outstanding flexibility in design and advanced heat reflecting and light transmitting performance. An advanced construction of internal walls and chambers gives excellent insulation properties and impact strength 250 times that of glass. Both sides of the sheet have a co-extruded UV barrier which provides protection from 99.9% of harmful UV radiation, giving superior resistance to outdoor weathering. Made from Makrolon® polycarbonate resin, Makrolon® Multiwall ensures high impact strength, clarity and excellent weather resistance.

Product Specifications

Standard Widths

700mm (8mm) - all colour              1050mm (8mm) - all colours                    980mm (10mm) - all colours

Standard Lengths

2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0, 6.0, 7.0, 9.0 metres

Sheet Weight

8mm - 1500gsm                        10mm - 1700gsm


8mm and 10mm





Product Performance


Shading Co-efficient Ratio (SC) Light Transmission (LT):

Warmest        Coolest    Warmest        Coolest

More Light   Less Light   More Light   Less Light

Shading Co-efficient (SC): A ratio of the warming effect of the sun’s rays through a sheet divided by the sun’s warming effect through 3mm float glass (300-2500nm). The lower the figure the cooler it is under the sheet.

Light Transmission (LT): % of visible light transmission (400 - 700nm) that passes through the sheet. The lower the figure the less light passes through the sheet.


Heat Transmission (HT) Solar Heat Gain Co-efficient (SHGC)

Warmest        Coolest     Warmest        Coolest

Warmest      Coolest

Heat Transmission (HT): % of total solar radiation transmission (300 - 2800nm). This value describes the ability of the sheet to conduct heat. The lower the figure the greater the heat resistance, the cooler it is under the sheet.

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC): Total solar energy transmitted or absorbed and re-radiated under the sheet (300-2500nm). The lower the figure the cooler it is under the sheet.

Performance Warranty

Makrolon® Multiwall is backed by a 10 yr warranty against loss of light transmission a 5-year warranty against breakage caused by hailstones up to 25mm in diameter. For full warranty conditions, Click here.

Technical Data  

Test Compliances

Makrolon® Multiwall is a high quality product that complies with many tests.

Impact Resistance

Sandbag Impact Test

Fire Performance

Makrolon® Multiwall is suitable for use in bush fire prone areas, backed by CSIRO appraisal. Makrolon® Multiwall is self extinguishing, stops the spread of flame and also has excellent fire resistant properties.

Click here to download the CSIRO bushfire appraisal

Early fire Hazard Test AS 1530.3 1999

Wind Load

Makrolon® Multiwall is suitable for use in high wind load areas. Makrolon® Multiwall meets the requirements of AS 1170.2.2002 SAA Loading code Part 2 – Wind Loads.

Makrolon® Multiwall Wind Load Test Results.

Makrolon® Multiwall special installation instructions.

Boundary Conditions

Makrolon® Multiwall is suitable for use where boundary conditions apply, backed by CSIRO appraisal.

Click here to download the CSIRO boundary condition appraisal

Material Safety Data Sheet

Material Safety Data Sheet

Typical Mechanical Properties



Unit Value Standards
Elastic Modulus 1mm/min MPa 2400 ISO527
Tensile Stress at yield 50mm.min MPa 63 ISO527
Tensile Strain at yield 50mm/min % 6 ISO527
Nominal tensile strain at break 50mm/min % >50 ISO527
CHARPY Impact strength at 23ºC kJ/m² Non Break ISO179/1eU
CHARPY Impact strength at -30ºC kJ/m² Non Break ISO179/1eU
Notched IZOD Impact strength 23º kJ/m² 80 ISO180/4A
Notched IZOD Impact strength -30Cº kJ/m² 20 ISO180/4A